Waterfall Canyon


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The reward is in sight

Waterfall canyon is a short hike to a waterfall near Ogden Utah. To pin it down better, this trail is on the north face of the mountain on which the 2002 Olympic downhill super G event was run. On this trip, I didn't have a pack, so I simply clipped my Legend to the belt on my left hip, which generally causes reception problems. As you can see, the results are terrible. Interference and lack of good signal resulted in many trackpoints that were thrown off to the north by up to around 500 feet. I also lost satellite reception in several areas.

Tree cover and terrain are moderate. There have been periodic changes to the USGS trail data over the years, which may result in your actual route and the map not agreeing. Finally, this waterfall, and most of the trail are on Private land. The owners are in periodic dispute with the Ogden trails network which results in the trail being closed from time to time.

Track overlaid on TOPO map    file size 217kb

Track data